Saturday, September 24, 2016

Palm Springs

We spent a few nights away this month in Palm Springs (really La Quinta) at our favorite resort.  The temperature was well into the 100's each day but we made the best of it with lots of swimming and rest.
Megan always likes to go to the candy shop and pick something out while we are there.  Below she is resting during the hottest part of the day.
Katie enjoying a jumping into the pool over and over while yelling, "cannonball".
On the last day Megan slipped and bumped her tailbone on the edge of the pool.  Her face says it all (above).
Above: the view from our porch
Below: Daddy relaxing 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Daisy Scouts

Megan is really enjoying Daisy Scouts.  She has earned a few patches and this past Thuraday she had a ceremony to get her official pin.
Below she is receiving her pin on her vest
Here is her adorable "troop"-much larger then the average troop!
She got a pink daisy flower and a certificate.
These are some precious 1st graders!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Balboa Island Trip

Balboa Island is such a fun place to visit. We took the ferry to the "Fun Zone" and let the girls play some games. 

Potty Training

Katie Jane has been doing a fabulous job potty training so far!  She enjoys wearing her big girl underwear and she has had lots of success.
After we take our final trip of this summer I will get serious and hopefully we can say goodbye to the diapers for ever!

Monday, August 15, 2016

End of Summer

I'm not going to lie...this summer was a tough one.  It was extra hot and Katie and Megan fought like cats and dogs.
Between all the yelling we managed to have fun.
Above you will see Elsa and Anna from Frozen and below Katie shopped until she dropped.

We made it to the OC zoo (above) and Megan played Monopoly with us for the first time (below).
Megan and I saw some community theater.
And of course we visited our favorite park.
One day Megan was playing "construction worker" and drew up these precious blueprints.
Megan also joined Girl Scouts through school.  We were so excited to get her vest and patches.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

VBS and Music Camp

Over two weeks Megan participated in two different VBS's and a Music Camp.  It was a busy but fun time!
The first VBS was "cave quest" and Megan really enjoyed it.  It was a very traditional VBS with music, crafts and snacks.  The picture above is the only one I have from the first VBS.
She also participated in Music Camp where she learned to play chimes and performed a dance number for us at the week's end.
She wore her cowgirl boots everyday because they are "good dancing shoes".
Her final VBS was at our home church and was held at night.  It was Superhero themed and not so traditional.
Megan got very "into" the theme and even wore Katie's Superhero cape one night.
Below both girls are dressed for church on Sunday.  Megan enjoyed wearing her Starwars vest (from VBS).
We are still singing along to our VBS CD in the car and it is so cute to hear those little voices singing about Jesus!